Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Day Seven

October is the month of horror films and I receive a boatload of them in the mail yesterday and today for review.

The packages included a great William castle collection with eight features and a documentary on Castle. We're babysitting our 10 year-old nephew later this month and I smell a Castle double feature. He's already seen "13 Ghosts" and loved it. He looked through the ghost viewer and didn't chicken out!Brings a tear to my glass eye!

I think "The Tingler" will make an appearance and maybe it will get loose!

I'm a sucker for ballyhoo and carnival show business values and Castle was the best at this kind of winking at the audience.

I also received the Belgian film "Left Bank" which has been compared to "Let the Right One In." Also in the package from MPI was "Fears in the Dark," an animated horror anthology film I want to see and a pretty grim looking film called "Sauna."

I'm starting a watch-a-thon on Monday. There's room on the couch. Give me a call!

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dogboy443 said...

Book my reservation now!
I love The Tingler!