Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cape Cod trip

Mary and I went to our timeshare on the Cape for a week earlier this month for a very necessary time of unplugging and re-charging.I find about the only way I can truly relax is to not watch the news, not check news websites and do nothing that smacks of my work.

Up in Wellfleet on U.S. Route 6 we found a barbecue place that was definitely worth going to again. Wellfleet is also home to Books by the Ocean, an insanely claustrophobic used bookstore with tons of odd items. I picked up a wonderful still of Joan Blondell from "Havana Widows." The only problem with the place is that many items – magazines and comics – are in plastic bags which you're not allowed to open. I do it anyway.

The Greenbriar Nature Center in Sandwich is a regular stop for us. Celebrating the life and career of children's author Thornton W. Burgess, the facility also features a large jam and jelly kitchen.

The center has a collection of original Harrison Cady art. I'd never seen this image before.

We had always wanted to walk through the Old Town Cemetery at Sandwich, which was the first settlement on the cape.

I'm fascinated by the imagery used on the stones and how over years the angelic images changed to a weeping willow.

I wondered if this was a portrait of the deceased.

If I was to be buried, this skull image would be on my grave marker.

This inscription was amazing in detail. People actually wanted their loved ones remembered and frequently suppled much information about them.

We drove around the Cape quite a bit and stopped at the Chatham light house.

There were many walks on the beach.

This gull was looking for a hand-out.

This is Mary's favorite activity: watching the ocean.

Despite cool temperatures and persistent winds, I managed smoking a cigar.