Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 15

A shameless come-on

See a real live movie producer! Witness an actual artist draw right before your eyes! Buy something from an author who will only have ONE copy of his book on animation, but plenty of other stuff!

It's only at Rock and Shock 2009! Presented in amazing Get-cool-stuff-and-meet cool-people-scope!

Okay, the Rock and Shock 2009 show is just hours away now and Mark, Marty and I will be in booth 52 listed under Inkwell Productions.

Although we all hope to turn a buck or two in our favor, we also just want to embrace our horror geekiness and hope some of you would like to as well.

That's why we hope to see you there. If you're someone one of of us knows, that great. If you're someone who reads this blog and lives within driving distance, then here is an extra little bonus.

Come up to me and say, "Dude, I read your blog, man" in your best Jeffrey Lebowski voice and you will receive a small free gift. Nothing spectacular, but a little added value.

So come to the DCU Center in Worcester Friday night or Saturday and Sunday and witness the madness that is the finest horror film/heavy metal in Western and Central Massachusetts. What the heck – all of Massachusetts and Connecticut, too. Well, saying that I should include the rest of New England.

©2009 by Gordon Michael Dobbs

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dogboy443 said...

If you come up to me at the table and say Dude, nice zombie, you'll get a free print of either the gore red zombie or the rot green zombie, your choice!!!