Sunday, August 20, 2006

You know, there's too much going on in our lives. I just don't mean getting our jobs done every week, petting the puppy, driving the kids to activities and making sure the lawn looks half-way neat.

There's all that and then there's more. If you read, watch or listen to more than three media outlets you know there are dozens of significant stories that get a little play but then they evaporate when Lindsey Lohan gets slapped by her boss for being a party girl or Christie Brinkley's husband cheats on her with a 19 year-old.

That's real news, folks, right? "Insider" stuff, indeed!

Well, did you know, for instance, the Bush administration is planning a new highway system that would link Mexico with the mid-western United States? Container vessels would unload goods in Mexico that would then be transported through to Kansas City where there would be a distribution hub.

If you go on the Internet you'll find this is one issue that actually links conservatives and liberals. There are concerns about how an additional influx of foreign-made goods will affect American manufacturing, as well as legitimate security worries.

By unloading goods in Mexico, shippers don't have to deal with American unions as well.

Now, according to one of the web sites that promotes the plan (, the new "inland port" of Kansas City would create thousands of new jobs. What is left unsaid is what kinds of jobs would be undermined by this plan.
Apparently the trucks from Mexico wouldn't be checked thoroughly by customs until they reach Kansas City.

Now, because Britney Spear's husband is apparently not involved in this plan, there has been little coverage of it in the press.

Now how about the issue of net neutrality? Have you heard much about that one? It seems the Federal Communications Commission has removed certain protections that prevent large telecommunications companies from altering the Internet to suit their commercial purposes.

Under the new rules it's possible for Internet service providers to begin charging web sites more money in order to assure high-speed downloading. If you don't pay, your site may be seen at a speed that will prevent people from going there twice.

The folks at Google, Amazon, eBay and other large Internet sites are fighting right now to have these protections put back in place.

Check out for more information on this under-reported subject. I'll warn you now: no new boy bands or rappers will be involved.

Now if we could only get Madonna interested in either topic, the national media just might give them a little more attention.
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SRBissette said...

Thanks, Mike -- it's amazing how many key stories DON'T get any kind of coverage. I was aware of these two, and struggling still on the other end of the high-speed front (to get some access in rural VT), which is another whole issue. There are now sites that simply DO NOT LOAD for we lowly dial-up only access users -- and contrary to popular misconception (nurtured by TV ads), satellite does NOT solve this problem, per testimonials of our own committee members WITH various (expensive) satellite options already in their homes.

Mark Martin said...

These are indeed troubling times. i have to admit you scooped me, Dobbs. I was not aware of these two bits of info - but shall go a-googlin' now!