Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This just in: my book from Arcadia Press on Springfield history has a publication date of Aug. 25. That's two book projects published within 12 months.

Now if people would just buy them! I want to retire!

I've sent another chapter for the Fleischer book to the publisher who has expressed interest. I'll be posting it to the Fleischer blog in the next several days.

And I have two more projects on which I'll start serious work. I've got a little momentum and I'd like to keep it up.

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Mark Martin said...


I will actually buy copies of this book! I know people here and abroad who will love it for a Christmas present.

I enjoyed the animation book too. But just don't know that many people who would get it. That is, people that I actually buy gifts for. I think the postcard book will have more universal appeal.

Florence Savings Bank puts out that Calendar every year with old postcards of Western Mass in it. I submit that we should go into branches of FSB and confiscate all copies, thus creating a gaping hole in the old postcard image market, a hole to be filled by your book!