Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I get some interesting mail as an editor – see below – but first a shameless plug: The Valley Press Club's annual roast is slated for May 2 at 5:30 p.m. at the Keg Room, 87 State St., Springfield.

This is where elected officials make fun of us and we make fun of them openly, instead of behind our backs as usual.

If you're a Western Massachusetts news junkie, this is a must-see event.

The emcee is my friend Jim Polito, the former reporter and anchor for abc40 and radio bad boy John O'Brien of the "Bax and O'Brien Show" on Rock 102 will also participate.

I will be on stage at one point reprising my characterization as Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe. But don't let that stop you from coming!

Tickets to the roast are available in advance by sending a check made out to "Valley Press Club" for $10 per person, mailed to Valley Press Club, P.O. Box 5475, Springfield, MA 01102. To reserve a ticket, or for information, call 335-8551. Tickets at the door are $15.

For Immediate Release

International Day of Prayer & Fasting against the MARK OF THE BEAST

MAY 21st—Join us!

The Real ID will ultimately be the mechanism used to implement the Mark of the Beast, if not repealed.


186 of the 192 nations on earth will have a national ID system in place by 2010. This is all happening at the request of the UN’s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). It is a plan to number, enter into a database and monitor every person on earth!

The Bible prophesied 2,000 years ago a time when every person will be required to have a mark or number in order to “BUY OR SELL.”

Homeland Security is proposing to force every person to have a national ID card in order to hold a job. Without a job, how much BUYING OR SELLING will you be able to do?

CONGRESS: Repeal the Real ID Act now!

Endtime Ministries will send a special edition of its Endtime magazine to every U.S. Senator and Representative and to every State Governor, Senator and Representative. This special edition proves that the Real ID is unconstitutional and explains how it will be used to CONTROL every American. CONTROL and FREEDOM are opposites!

The Real ID Act is in trouble! Eight states have passed laws opting out of Real ID. Another 10 states have passed bills expressing opposition against it. Eleven more states have passed bills against Real ID through one house of their legislatures.

Americans don’t want a national ID. Americans don’t want to be numbered, tracked and controlled.

CONTACT CONGRESS: This is the message each person should send to every congressman, senator and governor—both state and federal.


The Real ID Act establishing a national ID is the worst single piece of legislation ever passed in America.

It will allow the numbering, registering and tracking of every American. This legislation, if enacted, will spell the END OF FREEDOM for Americans.

Homeland Security says it needs the national ID for control. Control and freedom are opposites.

Prophecy teacher Irvin Baxter predicted in his first book: "A Message for the President" that the Berlin Wall would fall and that the nation of Germany would be reunited. The book was published in 1986. The Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989. East and West Germany were reunited one year later. This inspired Irvin to launch Endtime Magazine http://www.endtime.com/EndtimeMagazine.aspx . He is the president of Endtime Ministries .


SRBissette said...

It's the End Times! The Mark of the Beast is Upon Us! Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

There's one more aspect to The Real ID Act that you don't hear much about. What if someone could read and write to them? And this someone was a bad guy?
It's true. They're using the same chips the financial institutions are to "protect" our data, and the hackers have already broken-and are BROADCASTING-this information around the web.
Google (use the quotes) "RFID Hacking" and see how many there are.
Watch this video to see how easy it is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4VZUDzRw9E
We've got more resources at our site www.ArmadilloDollar.com if you want to take a look.
I am Ron Hatton, inventor, Co-founder and developer of The Armadillo Dollar.