Monday, April 28, 2008

Isn't interesting how often animation has been sold to the public as either a novelty or an event? Despite there having been animated features for 70 years the motion picture industry still often follows this approach.

Granted the movie ad lives in the world of hyperbole where every film is compelling viewing, but over the years its seems to me that animation is always treated differently. More to follow!


SRBissette said...

Like -- BEOWULF?

That was almost the opposite: a film some considered NOT an animated feature, sold AS an animated feature!

dogboy443 said...

I just watched BeoWulf this weekend. Enh. I wasn't impressed. The animation was good, but not amazing. I'm really not a fan of Motion Capture. The behind the scenes featurettes were interesting, but I felt that the whole Angeline/high-heeled demon was just an excuse to use a well known sexy woman and exploit her and not incorporate her character into the movie. We did see out of focus shots of her true demon form, but never once in=focus and straight on. The used her image and ran with it. She was also never seen in any of the featurettes. Tony Hopkins in his Mo-Cap suit was the only titallating moment. Not impressed and someone should take Zemekis' new toy away from him.