Monday, April 28, 2008

Here's a few more examples of how animated films have been sold over the years and I really don't see a hell of a lot of difference today despite the fact audiences are supposed to be more sophisticated.

Now ain't that a laugh?!

If you produce a horror movie, an action films or a romance you sell it by its content. Animated films are generally sold with a lot of explanations because are they all supposed to be funny animal cartoon films?

By the way, anyone who thought that a rat in a kitchen would sink "Ratatouille's" chances for an Oscar over the infinitely more interesting "Persepolis" doesn't understand the power of the elevator pitch to sell a picture. "It's a funny look at a rat who likes to cook helping a human who can't. And it's by Pixar. And Brad Bird."

Now consider framing a pitch for Persepolis: "It's from a graphic novel..." "What's that?" "It's like a comic book." "So, it's a superhero movie?" "No, it's an autobiographical piece about an Iranian woman." "Iranian? Like in from Iran? In this day and age? What's funny about that?" "Well, it's not supposed to be a comedy." "It's animated, isn't it?"

By the way, Marjane Satrapi was robbed, in my opinion. "Ratatouille" was funny and well done, but her film actually advanced the medium. But it had a tough pitch.

Anyway, I love the fact Roger Corman's New World Picture really art-housed "Fantastic Planet" up in this ad:

Look at how the guys over at AIP tried mightily to come up with a way to sell "Heavy Traffic." They seemed to be struggling a bit:

Now this ad was designated for "underground papers." I love it this ad because they took a typically messed-up Bakshi moment from the film and simply reminded people about "Fritz the Cat." Brilliant!

I'll post more as I come across them in the files here.

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SRBissette said...

Of course, COONSKIN was the low ebb of studio attempts to sell animation, but it never got better than DIRTY DUCK in my humble opinion. Now, there was a movie nobody knew how to sell!

Great stuff, Mike, and love the scans from your collection.

SRBissette said...

PS: I'm not implying I didn't think COONSKIN was a solid movie -- it's among my personal favorites of Bakshi's features -- just that Paramount didn't have a clue.

It eventually saw light of day as STREETFIGHT, in theaters and on video, with the pimp rabbit as its iconic image.