Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A scene from my salad days: cavorting with minimum wage slaves encased in Ren and Stimpy costumes while covering the 1994 Video Software Dealers Association trade show for my first animation magazine, Animato.

Countdown to self-promotion!

Set your alarms clocks to Saturday at 2 p.m. when you'll have the chance to buy my book "Escape! How Animation broke into the Mainstream in the 1990s" when I appear at the Central Library on State St. in Springfield for a talk and a signing.

It will undoubtedly be the ONLY time the cover artist Mark "not the race car driver" Martin and I will be at a signing together. Don't expect Mark to hold forth with a detailed discussion of the genesis of the cover design. Mark's a man of action, not talk!

That's two autographs for the same price.

And you'll be doing a good thing because I'll be giving the library's non-profit foundation a chunk of the proceeds.

Directions: When entering the signing you will be randomly given a signing line pass. It might be red, blue, or yellow. You will form an orderly line when your color is called. Please do not look me in the eye or ask for a "special" inscription. Preference in the signing line will be given to those wearing Hawaiian shirts. Even greater preference will be given to those who hand me a fine cigar. Super preference will be given to someone who brings me crayfish from Chef Wayne's!

I can be bought and the charge is $20!

Need a preview of me blathering about animation? Tune into 560 AM WHYN at 8:30 tomorrow morning. If they do a podcast on their Web site, I'll post it here.

I'm hard at work preparing another sample chapter of the Fleischer book for my prospective publisher. I'm writing the Betty Boop chapter and revisiting some cartoons I've not seen for years.

Do you know there's a Web site We love Betty Boop.com that has an inventory of over 1,500 Boop items for sale? The character is making more money for the Fleischer family now than she was when she was in theaters!

Serious stuff tomorrow....
© 2008 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Mark Martin said...

They've turned Betty Boop into Mickey Mouse. A meaningless fashion "statement".


dogboy443 said...

See you both there.

dogboy443 said...

I see that everyday with Tinker Bell and some of our other licensed characters.

BonzoGal said...

What about us poor far-flung fans? No auty-graffs???

Mark Martin said...

That's two today - bonzogal and Benny both want to know how to get signed books.

What's the answer? Enquiring minds want to know!

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