Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey I sold some books!

I had a fine time at my first signing yesterday with about 25 people turning out for the talk I gave at the Springfield Central Library. What was gratifying is that several young people were in the room who were studying animation, as well as folks genuinely interested in the subject.

Of course it would have been wonderful if I had a box of books to sell, but the "boys at the warehouse" apparently aren't under any obligation to actually ship your books in a timely manner. And my publisher can't make them do anything! Got to love American works ethic and customer service!

That's showbiz, as I explained to my granddaughter Noel who asked me in true unvarnished 13-year-old fashion if I was nervous no one had yet come to the signing five minutes before it was to start.

I explained most of my career has been in the business of preparing something for public consumption, doing your best and then hope the public likes it. There's nothing quite like having four hours of on-air time to fill and hoping people respond to your topics. Or wondering how many returns of your magazine you'll receive form your distributors. Or if people will respond to the front pages you created and pick up your 'paper.

Anyway, it was a fine time and I saw my old Westfield Evening News friend Doug Pratt who I haven't seen for over 25 years. Doug came in from the eastern part of the state and I appreciated his effort. He has a great Web site and if you're a comic book fan you MUST go here to watch a great BBC documentary on the career of Steve Ditko. I didn't know this film existed.

Hey Hilary Clinton is going to be in town tomorrow at 12:15 at Dana Gym at Springfield College on Alden St. to campaign. Well I was wrong. I didn't think any of the candidates would turn up here. Despite it being lay-out day, someone from my 'paper MUST go to this thing.

© 2008 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Kip W said...

Dude, this book you sold me doesn't slice! It doesn't dice! It hasn't done a thing for my waistline! And some guys wrote their names all over the flyleaf.

Good presentation, though, and Sarah and I had a nice chat with Noel after the main event. I might send one of the photos I took over to Harry McCracken to put on Harry-Go-Round, and we'll plug the book.

Mark Martin said...

I'll cover that Hillary event for you! I WILL! Just say the word.

dogboy443 said...

Mark Martin front-and-center asking HC all the important I'm scared.

dogboy443 said...

That documentary on Steve Ditko was great! I was a bit leary when I saw that Jonathan Ross was the host, but he kept it moving along, had wonderful guests, Alan Moore, John Romita Sr and of course Stan Lee, and he proved to me that he is a true Ditko fan. I was never into early Spider-Man, The Creeper was more to my liking, but you can't disavow how great of an artist, draftsman and storyteller that Steve Ditko was and I'm assuming, still is! Bravo!