Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A bunch of links tonight..

First, I'm trying to write more about media and so here is the link to a new post at That's Thirty.

Second, my buddy Jake at my favorite lunch spot in Springfield wanted me to look at some of the voter fraud allegation surrounding Ron Paul's results in New Hampshire. I don't agree with a lot of what Paul says, but I think this is very interesting reading.

The corporate media and the bigwigs of both parties don't want us to consider anyone but a selected handful of candidates. Perhaps that distresses you and perhaps you think it's just fine to turn over the democratic process to those who "know better." might have missed thisthis in the mainstream press because they're not covering it very much. I wonder why?

Now I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't understand why Clinton's sexual mis-adventure warranted impeachment – well he did lie and I can't bring myself to forgive him for doing something so stupid...NAFTA, too – but the loss of American lives and innocent Iraqi lives is just fine? That is not worth the formal examination of a trial?

Solutions and explanation accepted...
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Elizabeth said...

I have a button that says, "Which is worse- screwing an intern, or screwing a country?"

I think it was fear of Dick Cheney that stopped Congress from impeaching Bush. ;)

Tony said...

Mike, wasn't Clinton facing impeachment for lying on a sworn statement on a deposition? He admitted he was, and was suspended from practicing law, as well as fined $90,000. That President blatantly broke the law. That was disgusting on several levels, not the least when he looked directly into the camera at you and me, and said "Listen to me, I did NOT have sexual relations with that girl". I felt personally lied to. Regardless of whether or not anyone believes Bush's actions in Iraq are justified, he was within his legal power as President to send troops to battle. He may have imbellished his case, but he didn't actually break any laws. At least as far as any known evidence shows. I know the comparison between infidelity and 3000 dead is huge, but I don't see any grounds to impeach him, unless the Presidents' powers are also forever changed, by an amendment to the constitution. Bottom line is, Bush haters are just looking for a reason to bash and disgrace him, like they have for eight years now. To be fair, the same happened to Clinton, but he tightened his own noose, by breaking the law. It sucks that this country is so divided. It's worse how far the Presidents' prestige and respect have fallen over recent decades.

Mark Martin said...

Mikey, come on. The Center for Public Integrity is Soros-funded and that stupid list is just stupid - you can google up all the explanations and reasons that it's bogus you want. If you really want to know, the answers are out there. Start with Malkin's blog and go from there to the youtube link etc etc etc

As for the two-party stranglehold - I see the problem as two-fold. The parties being controlled by their moneylenders, and the public seeing political races as horse-races, and getting wrapped up in the celebrity and the "event" and wanting to root for the winner. I have actually heard someone say "I'm voting for X, he's going to be the winner!" and they meant it that way. They want to be on the WINNING TEAM! Granted that is anecdotal and only one instance - but you can just "feel" it in the air. Well, I can. If Bissette can feel invisible threads between monster movies and politics, I can feel rampant celebrity worship! This is still America By God!