Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone is asking me the same question: what did you think of Hillary Clinton's appearance in Springfield? and the answer is "I don't know! I couldn't go!"

It was a hard thing for this political junkie to pass up, although I'm not a fan of Clinton at all. I am fascinated by the process, the message and the means used in political campaigns.

I have to lay out newspapers on Mondays and Clinton's appearance was inconveniently scheduled... damn her! My sister-in-law went with her son, out nephew Douglas who at age nine is an avid presidential historian. Douglas got his first taste of dealing with politicians as the senator was two hours late to the event at Springfield College.

Most elected officials, I've learned through years of bitter experience, are always over-booked and therefore chronically late. The bigger the official the more apt he or she will be late.

Heather Brandon had a great posting while Bill Dusty had some pithy comments on his blog. Check them out!

The rumor is Senator Obama may be in town as well this week with Senator Ted Kennedy. Stay tuned.

Personally I would love to interview John Edwards, but I truly doubt, given his resources, he'll come here when he could campaign in a larger Super Tuesday state.

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dogboy443 said...

So did Douglas try and hit Hillary up for a nickel a curse word? Bet he would be rich if he had mentioned Monica.

HB said...

I should have asked to borrow your press pass, since evidently you couldn't use it. Just kidding. My story was all about _not_ being able to see Hillary. This was clearly an event aimed at the media markets just like Congressman Neal wanted! So much for the people.

Bill Dusty said...

Thanks for the plug, Mike!

Heather, fear not. After the Republican goes under (the newspaper, not the presidential candidate ;-), folks will be begging us to cover their stiff!!

Bill Dusty said...

LOL! - I mean Stuff!