Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What cops in a city the size of Springfield have to go through – reports from SPD Sgt. John Delaney.

"A woman scorned – On 3/15/09 at 6:35 P.M. Officers Brian Beliveau and David Robillard arrested the following suspect:
Doriana McCormick age 22 of 17 Highland Avenue,
West Springfield...charges....
a) Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle With Int. to Commit a Felony
b) Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle

"Prior to the arrest Ms. McCormick went to 632 Dickinson Street where her ex-boyfriend lives and smashed his rear window out completely on his 1997 Maxima. She then went to town on his front windshield with a liquor bottle. She then proceeded to tear apart his dashboard and took out his stereo and DVD player. Ms. McCormick then stole a backpack containing an X-Box game.

"The new girlfriend of Ms. McCormick's 'ex' witnessed the hysterical female commit the crime and run down the street and get into a waiting Chevy Impala and speed away. The police were called and the responding officers spotted the scorned woman on Trafton Road. the officers stopped the female and recovered the stolen items in her car. She was placed under arrest.
photos of car and Ms. McCormick enclosed.

"Officer Juan Hernandez was stopped at a light in full uniform and on duty in a marked police car. The officers was at the corner of Main and Saratoga Street at 2:33 A.M. when he observed a subject traveling down Main Street and picking up speed. the officers watched as he approached and the driver, who was now traveling faster, turned the wheel of the car so the vehicle he was driving was aimed right at Officer Hernandez. The officer stated in his report that 'the driver made direct eye contact with me while smiling and gripping the steering wheel with both hands.' The driver tried to ram the police car on purpose and Officer Hernandez had to put the cruiser in reverse to get out of the way.

"The driver of the Chevy then raced away towards West Columbus Avenue and jumped on RTE 91. the officer called the description of the car out over the police radio and the State Police on RTE. 91 heard the description and observed the Chevy traveling too fast and smash into a guardrail on the highway. The driver attempted to still drive down the highway. At one point the driver exited the car and looked like he was going to run. The officers ordered him to lay on the ground and instead of complying he jumped back into the drivers seat and attempted to drive away. (...this guy just kept making bad decision after bad decision). He was arrested.

"Nector Perez age 28 of 28 Cameron Street Springfield...charges....
a) Assault With a dangerous Weapon (M.V. on Officer Hernandez)
b) Failure to Stop for Police
c) Reckless Operation of M.V.
d) Suspended License
e) Resisting Arrest

"It unclear to investigating officers why Perez was acting in such an irrational manner.

"There was a so called 'Home Invasion' at 653 State Street in Apartment 4-C. The resident of that apartment claims that a somewhat "known" female knocked on his door to gain entrance. Once the door was opened two masked Hispanic males barged into his apartment demanding money. The 55 year-old victim then claims that he was tied up with an electrical cord and his wallet was stolen with $200.00 cash. The victim states that the robbers were looking for 'more money.' During the incident the victim states that he was cut with a knife. there was a small laceration on his wrist. The female was described an Hispanic, short about 5'02" with medium build, twenties, blonde hair and is known as 'Mari' or 'Maria.' Detective Jeffery Martucci is investigating. The dwelling located at State and Terrance Street is considered a high crime area."

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