Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Changes, changes, changes...attend just one Podcamp and see what happen!

Okay, I've set up a Western Mass. Newsgroup that I will be point press releases on pretty much when I get them myself. The idea here is to provide readers of my blog with more content that, hopefully, will be of interest and benefit to them, especially if they are bloggers themselves and not getting these notices.

I've also joined Twitter and will be sending those little messages out via my cell phone during the day on what is happening...they will be headlines of stories of I'm following.

I promise on a stack of Bibles I will not be using Twitter to tell people what Lucky the Wonder Bichon is doing. Or Ginger the Wonder Cat.

My idea is to pump up content here so readers will come back.

Tell me what you think!


VanDog said...

Thanks for setting up the newsgroup Mike. Press releases are something I never see as a blogger.

Jax said...

The release feed is awesome - it will take some of the inbox load off of you and give all types of people with a story a voice! w00t!
What's your Twitter name? I can't find you!

Mike Dobbs said...

twitter name...gulp! give me some time I still learning!

HB said...

Hey Mike, I'm so glad you're on Twitter now. Hope you can figure out how to follow me back sometime!

Jax, his handle is gmdobbs.