Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The toughest thing about writing a book is once it is published and there's some initial publicity activity it just sits there. It's like fishing. You hope you cast your lure in the right direction.

There has been little critical interest in my book "Escape! How Animation Broke into the Mainstream in the 1990s," which has been a tad disheartening. I'm grateful for the plugs Michael Sporn and Jerry Beck have made of the book.

Leonard Maltin has now given me a very nice review for which I deeply grateful.

He wrote," Mike Dobbs has been an astute and enthusiastic observer of the animation scene for several decades. For this book, he has collected columns originally written for Animato! and Animation Planet magazines (many of which have been revised). The collection offers an immediate and broad-based look at films, TV shows, trends, and key figures in the field, including interviews with everyone from South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone and one-man-band Bill Plympton to such voice artists as Popeye’s Jack Mercer. "

I ain't lying – here's the link

Thanks Leonard!

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Elizabeth said...

Nice! Hopefully he'll bring some new readers your way. :)