Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scenes from a roast...The Valley Press Club – the only press club in the state – conducted its annual roast of politicians and vice versa recently and I have to say that it was one of the best yet, even though I was a performer! Hey I got laughs and I was only sorry the pols I lambasted had left at that point with the exception of the mayor of Springrield who received my good sport award.

John O'Brien of Rock102, big time radio guy and a pretty funny dude performed a monologue.

Our emcee was vet TV newsman Jim Polito, who now has a gig on WTAG in his hometown of Worcester as the morning guy. A great and respected investigative reporter, Jim was one of the two reasons people watched our local ABC affiliate and was recently canned by the new station owner. Having been fired three times in my career, I know that however unfair or unwarranted it may be unfortunately it's part of the landscape of working in media.

Here's the other reason people have watched the ABC station – (left) Ray Hershel, who attended his first press club event and got roasted for his legendary perfect hair. Here his locks are being compared to those worn by the mayor of Springfield (center) Domenic Sarno. Leading the judging is Mike Bissonnette the mayor of Chicopee. Ray won.

And here's me on stage delivering a bit on the "Valley Press Club Book of the Month program" in which subscribers will receive books written by local authors such as "Mike Bissonnette's Guide to Credit Card Management." That mayor recently had to deal with $80,000 in debt at his law practice. Similar jokes followed that lampooned local folks.

Photos courtesy of Brian Zelasko

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