Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey, Barnes and Noble already have a page up for my Springfield postcard book, so go here and order it dammit!

Buy a couple of copies of "Escape" as well or send me $25 for each copy and I'll send you a personally autographed edition.

It looks like I will be having some sort of signing event for "Escape" in NYC and in White River Junction VT later this summer. Distressingly, the indie bookstore where I was going to debut the Springfield book is out of business tomorrow. If you have local non-chain businesses in your community please patronize them.

It's a sorry state of affairs when a city of 152,000 people with four colleges allows its ONE indie store to die. Yes, I'm both a frickin' bleeding heart corporate critic and a local patriot. Sue me.

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Tommy said...

I used to go to White River Junction a lot, there are some good nude swimming holes around there, especially good if you happen to be of the gay persuasion. Maybe I'll visit your booksigning there - at the bookstore of course, not the swimming spots.