Monday, May 17, 2010

One of the eight cats, DG, likes to keep me company when I write. Here he is at about 6:30 this morning as I was trying to meet all of my deadlines today. I wish I could have slept a bit more myself.

Catching Up
It's been a very busy month so far and frankly I've been boggled. if I'm not working for the newspapers, I've been trting to catch up at home and battle a frequent fatigue.

But I've done a few fun things, such as attend the graduation ceremony for the current class of the Center for Cartoon Studies thanks to my pal Steve Bissette who is a much loved instructor there. I've had the pleasure of lecturing at the school several times and I am constantly amazed at the high level of work I see. Some of the senior thesis projects I saw this past weekend on display were truly ready to published – very polished, professional pieces of work.

There's a lot of talent at this school and I can see why Steve loves teaching there. Seldom have I seen a school/business environment where there seems to be so much genuine support and respect among faculty and students. This certainly wasn't like what I saw working at a college for seven years.

Evan Dorkin's commencement address was one of the best I've heard: funny, sentimental, blistering real and heartfelt.

Mary, Lucky and I also went on our first fishing expedition on beautiful Beaver Lake in Ware – "Come for the fishing, but stay for the beaver! " – and Capt. Dave on the good ship "Fishing Boat" – he reminded his lovely wife Kim that fishing boats aren't supposed to be clean – caught quite a whopper, as you can see below.

This monster was 50 pounds if he was an ounce. Needless to say we didn't try to get the hook out of his mouth.

I've got a bunch of new movie items that I need to scan. Stay tuned.

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dogboy443 said...

I see this turtle and I think Cannibal Holocaust...