Thursday, May 06, 2010

My wife has a blog!

Mary and I have been married for 31 years and our relationship can be characterized as one of mutual infection.

That sound romantic, doesn't it?

When we met she had no idea about who Max Fleischer was nor was she educated in the lore of obscure exploitation cinema.

I thought her father was speaking a foreign language with his Scottish accent and Glasgow slang.

Now you can quiz Mary on bizarre film stuff – remember this is a woman with a personally inscribed poster of "Insemenoid" from both the producer and director – and she's pretty impressive. Quick, who is the director of "The Corpse Grinders?" She'll shoot back "Ted V. Mikels." She's met Ted as well.

And me? She's says that I'm more Scottish than she is at times. I've certainly embraced her culture and heritage.

One divide remanded, though, between us – blogging, Facebook,etc. She is now on Facebook and now she is blogging about her scrapbooking activities. She used to make fun of scrapbooking – she has been an active cross-stitcher for years as well as a beader – but couldn't get into the rapidly growing hobby.

That's right, Mary was a hobby snob.

Then something clicked and, whoosh, she's into glue dots, and pages, and stamps, and embossing and make and takes and – you get the picture.

Now she is blogging about her scrapbooking, so she has succumbed to another of my dark sides. I wonder what I will have to learn about?

Check it out.

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Kim said...

I think that you should learn to share your wife's love of colored papers that she cuts up & glues back together ... You know - ephemera gone wild! If you find yourself in need of Scrapbook 101 - I think I know just the place (& there's a Lake nearby for Mary) ....