Sunday, November 22, 2009

Questionable Content Department Part Two

My brother Patrick is a dedicated bike rider and he has determined that I should ride a motorcycle as well. I must admit that I have wanted to ride a bike for years, but have been talked out of it several times by people who have more common sense.

My brother's desires to hit the open road on two wheels have overcome any finger-wagging and he has been a happy cyclist for over a year.

His eldest son Matthew was the first to get a bike and while Patrick's cycle is desigened for older guys to sit up-right, Matthew's bike is designed for the rider to lay down on it and hang onto to it for dear life.

As it has been establishd many times in the past: I am old.

On our recent quick trip to Virginia both wanted me to get on their bikes. The plan was to teach me how to ride a bike while I was there. The rainy weather and roads with wet leaves prevented that accident from happening.

So I got up on both bikes for a photo opp. Here I am straddling Matthew's Fastasssumbichi. After feeling the vibration from Patrick's bike, which he had running, I can only say I'm glad Matthew's wasn't running.

© 2009 by Gordon Michael Dobbs

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