Sunday, February 15, 2009

My boss wants us to shoot more video for the paper's Web site, which is a great idea except it comes with a number of self-imposed conditions. I just don't want to post random crap on the Web. I want the video to supplement a text story, not repeat it. Since I have no external lights or mic I'm limited to what and how I can shoot. Since tripods are not allowed at many events – such as the Comicon – I've got to do the hand-held thing, which has its limitations as well.

At the Comicon I was loaded for bear with a still camera, a MP3 recorder, notebook, a video camera, extras pens, etc in a backpack. The load I was carrying didn't make for speedy switch-overs from one medium to another and the frickin' crowd was so dense that it was difficult to see things at times!

So I shot what I shot, assembled the footage and then one of the graphic artists at work took off my computer and played with it, adding the comic book graphics and music.

I don't think it's too much of an embarrassment.

And yes, Dogboy is in a shot!

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