Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I did an hour of radio today filling in for my friend Bill Dwight on his talk show heard over the tower of power WHMP and was hoping to post a link to the audio, but it appears that the station doesn't archive the shows featuring subs like me!

This is a major bummer as, frankly, I rocked! Pardon the rare public display of self-confidence as occasionally I lose my head.

There is a short list of things I can do fairly well in life – none of them so far has led to great riches – and one of them is talk radio. I get a more immediate gratification from this kind of journalism/punditry/entertainment than from writing, but writing has a permanence that is very nice. Radio tends to be more ephemeral, ESPECIALLY IF YOU A SUBSTITUTE HOST.


And I had the mayor of Springfield as a guest, which impressed the station's program director and good guy Chris Collins, who was great to work with.

Note: If you're at all concerned about the issue of whether or not bars in Springfield should be allowed to have events from the 18-plus crowd, you should turn up at a meeting at 7 p.m. at Room 220 of City Hall. After the recent shooting incident at the Club 1800, Mayor Domenic Sarno wants to put an end to these special promotions that have often been the cause of trouble.


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Damn. I didn't know you were going to be on! Advertise it man!!

SRBissette said...

You need to be the AntiRush. WE need you. America needs you. A fortune awaits you.