Sunday, August 31, 2008

Springfield 1915

Two views of the city's river front including a race scene

The views of recreations spots for the city. I love the roller coaster at then Riverside – now Six Flags – Park

Another scene of how the city's river front looked years before I-91 severed it from the downtown.

These photos are taken from a booklet published by the Springfield Board of Trade that was aimed at encouraging new businesses to locate in the city. "A City of Good Repute" listed the city's assest at the turn of the 20th century. Among therem were the following:
"• Springfield, a city of 110,000 people.
• Growing faster than the United States.
• Has doubled its population in 20 years.
• Value of assessed property doubled in 10 years.
• The center of trading population of 250,000 in 10-mike radius.
• The most important railroad center in Western new England.
• The terminal of two great railway lines.
• Trolley lines radiating in all directions
• Has 200 different industries with invested capital of $40 million, output of $50 million consuming $20 million in raw material, employing 28,000 men, 7,000 women with an annual payroll of $20 million."

There were many more reasons listed why this city was a great place to put down roots. Interestingly enough we still have same kind of statements – or related – to talk about today.

• We are literally at the transportation nexus of western New England – interstate highways, two airports and rail.
• Our colleges produce a workforce eager for employment
• Our housing costs are much lower than Hartford to the south or Boston to the east
• We still have a very diversified business/industrial mix
• We still have a big honking amusement park!

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