Monday, August 25, 2008

First, a sign of the End Times...go here for a better view

and now read:

"As a child my imagination was stirred by the great animated films of Walt Disney. Imagine my delight when Disney recently opened their archives to me as I prepared for my first-ever series of images inspired by classic Disney moments.

In the first piece of this series, Snow White's world is alive with color. The Prince's castle where Snow White will eventually discover happiness looms majestically in the distance, while a foaming waterfall and fanciful animals remind us that Snow White is at peace with all of nature. Of course, I also included my iconic colorful flowers which festoon the scene with hopeful reminders of spring.

I hope that Snow White Discovers the Cottage will be a fairy tale come true for Disney and Kinkade collectors everywhere.

Thomas Kinkade"

What kind of world does this guy live in? Oh I know: a world which rewards the triumph of marketing over talent and originality.

I can only imagine he's like the old time radio kids host who didn't know the mic was still on when he snorted "that will hold the little bastards for another night."

BTW, this is the guy who was caught pissing on a Winnie the Pooh statue at Disney Land – allegedly!

A big tip of my hat to the Other Mark!

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dogboy443 said...

He's Evil!!!!!!