Monday, July 28, 2008

"What the hell was I thinking?"

I get all sort of stuff at the papers I edit that frequently I can't use just because of space. The following is one of those stories that make me wonder if we are truly living in the end times.

Here's the release from the Springfield Police Department:

"At 10 p.m. on 07/24 members of the "Street Crime Unit" of the Springfield Police Department arrested a subject in a "Road Rage" incident in the parking lot of the Burger King at State and Walnut Street. The investigation by the officers showed that a 39 year-old woman assaulted a 74 year old woman because she was driving too slow on Walnut Street. Arrested was:

1) April S. Grange age 39 of 41 Glenn Rd. Apt. #2, East Hartford Ct
a) Assault With a Dangerous Weapon on a Person Over 60
b) Disorderly Conduct

Prior to the arrest a 74 year-old woman was traveling on Walnut Street towards State Street at 9:30 P.M. The woman was driving slow because of the road conditions– there was construction taking place at this stretch of road. April Grange was driving a black sedan following her and was upset because the 74 year-old woman was driving too slow for her liking.

The elderly woman pulled into the parking lot of the "Burger King" at State and Walnut Street. The black sedan followed her. Grange pulled her car to where the elderly woman was and exited her car screaming at her. Grange then returned to her car and went into her trunk and retrieved a large metal pipe and assaulted her with it. The assault placed the elderly woman in fear and she screamed. Police were called and responded immediately. An ambulance from AMR was parked in the parking lot and observed the whole ordeal.

Once police arrived Ms. Grange was not able to control her anger and she verbally assaulted police and would not listen to commands to get her to go back to her car. She was causing a disturbance, yelling and screaming.

Officers calmly went about their investigation, spoke with the victim, found the large pipe used in the assault and then placed Ms. Grange under arrest for assaulting a person over 60 years of age."

Springfield bashers should note this woman was from Connecticut.

© 2008 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


dogboy443 said...

Stupid is as stupid does. I read this on-line and was amazed on the stupidity and the emotional outbursts and lack of understanding that we have as a society. Absolutely amazed. I wonder if she'll show for her court date???

Mark Martin said...

Give her a break. She just cracked under the outrageous stresses and horrors of living under the Bush Regime! As if you didn't know!

I think she's a rocket scientist. Doesn't she look like a rocket scientist? I'm almost certain she is a rocket scientist!

Blogger said...

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