Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Take a look over at the links and you'll see two of them pertaining to my new book from Arcadia Publishing coming out on Aug. 25. If you live within the Springfield area, you need this book! And I'll autograph it and toss in a free car-wash! Maybe...

The news that the former Court Square Hotel may be re-developed – nothing yet is cast in stone – is quite welcomed but I should point out that when I asked the question about what will happen to Old First Church, everyone danced around it.

It's fairly distressing that so far no one has come up with an idea on how to use the city's most historic structure. Well, I should amend that statement – no one has discussed PUBLICLY – what to do with the church. One suggestion I've heard of using the
church as a place to show movies is ill advised to this old theater manager.

If you're a Springfielder, what would you like to see in the church?

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Tony said...

tourism + history info center

Mark Martin said...

It's kinda sad they can't maintain a CHURCH in that church