Thursday, June 26, 2008

"In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity furnishes a relief denied often to prayer." Mark Twain

I've been swearing a lot lately....mostly under my breath as it doesn't do my public image any good if I look at some elected officials and cut loose with a well...I can't very well say it here now can I? Wouldn't be prudent.

Why do I swear? We have a presidential race coming up between two guys who seem to want to play politics as usual instead of promoting the real change we need in this country.

No I'm not voting for crazy boy Nader or whatever Libertarian is running. I'll vote for Obama grudgingly. Yeah, yeah I'll take the heat from my conservative friends.

I swearing of late because the governor I helped put in office with my vote isn't the progressive I had hoped he would be. The word is that he is still trying to work out a new casino deal. Will people come to casinos when they can't pay for heating oil?

Here's a suggestion: screw the casinos and put in incentives so more people can afford new furnaces, more insulation, solar heat and electrical technology. That helps out with the frickin' fuel crisis, puts money into local businesses and helps with jobs.

I'm swearing because we have one truly lunk-headed city councilor in Springfield who would provide comic relief until you realize that people actually voted for this bozo – willingly voted for a guy who has proven to be amazingly wrong.

I'm swearing because the deal for a book fell through even though the publisher came to me, I did everything he wanted me to do and then, after almost a year of waiting, changed the rules on me. He'd still like to read the book and when it's published I'll send him an autographed copy with an appropriate verse.

Hey it's Thursday night. I just have to get through one more day and then I can swear some more!

© 2008 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Heather B said...

Mark Twain had the real blogger's spirit - writing from bed in his pajamas. Have you been to the Twain house in Hartford to see the famous bed?

I hear you about the swearing. It's better than turning to violence or arson in your frustration. Your neighborhood doesn't need more arson.

Mike Dobbs said...

I was at Twain's house last year. It's incredible. I want his third floor study and I know a guy in Springfield who has effectively reproduced it in his Victorian home on the third floor.

A pool table and a place to smoke cigars, swear and write...dreamy!