Monday, December 31, 2007

There are no stories sadder than unrequited love, right?

My foster daughter and her husband gave me a gift of gifts this Christmas: an iPhone. I've been wanting one of these things since I first saw it. Among my many flaws is an attraction to gadgets, esepcially if they are from Apple. I've been an Apple guy since the 1980s when we brought a Mac Plus. Since then I've had a succession of Apple machine and have been very much in love .

I've successfully resisted getting an iPod, but the iPhone called an siren's song to me. My daughter consulted with my wife if I really wanted one, received affirmation and lo and behold on Christmas Day I got one.



Well, I brought the phone to the local Apple store for activation. Yes, the instructions said plug it into your computer, but I thought it would be easier (and I could get some operating tips) if I went there. No, I had to plug it into my computer I was told.

I did and found out I needed a newer operating system.

So I called Apple and asked if my iMac G5 had the memory needed for the new Mac OS. Yes, I was told. So I went back to the Apple store and spend $129 plus tax on "Leopard." Where do they get these cat names from for a computer operating system?

I came back and tried to install it only to find our that the no good rat-soup-drinking junkyard no-show muffin wrapper technician had either lied or didn't know his backside from a hole in the ground.

Another call to Apple confimed I needed more memory: $100 more to be precise.

So I ordered it and now am waiting to receive it so it can be installed.

Then I will have to install the new operating system, hitchup the iPhone and get it activated.

Boy, I hope I like this thing.

© 2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Elizabeth said...

That's the problem with Apple- they come out with something new and suddenly your old equipment is hopelessly outdated. I wish they supported their older models longer.

Tony said...

Ooof, nothing worse than getting something cool that you can't use right away.

dogboy443 said...

Just call Markintosh and I'll come over and help you get yourself all set up. The iMac G5 should have been able to handle Leopard, but it does say that you need at the least 512K of RAm, but of course 1Gb+ is always better. My Mac mini has a 1 Gb and I've been running Leopard since it was released this past Fall.

Mark Martin said...

I got an iPod for Christmas, and discovered that ALL new iPods require OSX10.4.8 or higher.

I am just dirt since I have 10.3.9.

I took the iPod back and got the money back.

Screw Apple. I love my mac, but I'll upgrade when I'm ready. They can't force me!

Mark Martin said...

dogboy443 said...

FYI, I would never buy RAM or a larger hard drive from Apple. They over price all of their upgrades and installing them yourself should not void your warranty. I buy all of my upgrades from Other World Computing. Great customer service and great prices.

Bill Dusty said...

The first and last Apple I owned was a Apple IIe. I was still using it in the nineties (I had too much stuff on my 5.25" disks to discard it). My familiarity with it never translated into future Apple sales, though: I switched to Windows machines and have been hooked ever since.