Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all!

It's almost here so I'm almost through my annual Christmas anxieties:

I stress out trying to prepare stuff at work so I can take time off.

I try to relax about shopping for my wife because I want to the holiday gifts to be memorable.

I want the Xmas meal to go well....what did I forget?

I hope to find a DVD for Steve B. that he doesn't have already! It's best to ask.

And now a new worry: making sure I don't ruin Christmas by saying something insulting to friends over dinner!

Worst Xmas special: anything by Rankin-Bass...Yag! I've hated all of the stuff since I was a kid.
Best Xmas special: Chuck Jone's Grinch. Still love it.
Best Xmas movie: a tie between "A Christmas Story" "It's a Wonderful Life" and the original "Miracle on 34th Street" Special runner-up "The Muppets Christmas Carol"
Worst Xmas film: no not the obvious: "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" or "Santa Claus [Mexican version]". I can't stand "White Christmas" yeech...Danny Kaye.
Best pop Xmas album: Nat King Cole's Christmas album
Worst Christmas music: Anything involving Paul McCartney.

Your turn!
© 2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Mark Martin said...

worst special - the old variety show crap, The Osmonds, The King Family, Dean Martin...

best special - Pee Wee's

best movie - I gotta go with Ralphie and the BB gun

worst movie - so many to choose from. I'll take Danny Kaye too.

best album - "3 Ships" by Jon Andersen

best song - Papa Noel , Brenda Lee

worst - Grandma Got Run Over!

Best Christmas alternative - Hannukah

Worst alternative - KWANZAA

dogboy443 said...

But I love Rudolph (please note Christmas sent this year and also appearing on my blog). What about Charlie Brown? I am a little younger than you but I know you've seen it before. Pia Zadora man! What the Hell!

Go Go Ralphie (Oh Fudge!!!)