Monday, November 05, 2007 book,"Esacape! How Animation Broke into the Mainstream in the 1990s" is technically "out," but I don't have any copies as yet and it hasn't made its way onto amazon or barnes and noble, it is here though: in the United Kingdom

And it's, the folks that put out those cheap Alpha videos and much more.

So I'm willing to travel a bit to do signings, discussions, etc. I'm such a media whore I'll damn near do anything to get the word out on this thing!

If anyone has an idea to promote the book (I'm working on pitches to selected media, etc.) let me know.


SRBissette said...

Congrats, Mike! I'll order a copy and we'll arrange a signing up here -- if you're up for it!


And now that I'm done rambling about CAPTIVITY on my blog, I'll post the link(s) on your book on MYRANT, too.

Mark Martin said...

Your publisher must really - YOU KNOW! What the $#$#? Where are your copies???

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Let me suggest that you look into local animation conventions as a guest:


Anime Boston


just to name a few (Anime Boston gets 11,000 atendees, many who are of the generation who grew up on the 90's cartoons)

Also, try looking into the massachusetts library assosiation. They may want to have you as a guest as well.

(And of course, all of the above would have you sell copies at the events)