Sunday, November 04, 2007

I get a lot of stuff at my job. This week I was sent an Ugly Doll...a pricey trendy item and the following e-mail. Although I'm killing myself – it feels that way some weeks – it's never boring!

"Dear Editor,

The amusing and humorous antics of the creative and lovable Henry Heron have been bringing smiles to the faces of adults and children for over ten years. The carefree Henry is ingeniously clever and witty as he flies the skies observing people with the awe and wonderment of a child attempting to understand our human behavior.

Jim Gerlock’s love and admiration of the majestic blue heron brings a comical and witty sense of humor to us as Henry observes our human foibles and the challenges of just ordinary living.

Henry is often accompanied in his escapades by his closest friends:

Heneretta, his flamboyant girlfriend distinguished by her sexy eyelashes, lavish spotted bows and high heels bring flair and fun into their relationship;
Pelican Pete, the fishing buddy he can discuss everything with from fishing to World politics; and
Gator, the newly-adopted son he saved after a Florida Tropical Storm.

GERLOCK is the RIGHT CARTOONIST for the job ! ! !

Jim Gerlock’s Henry Heron has been so well-received by readers, he has become a proven, well-published cartoonist because of the high-level of quality cartoons he creates. Henry Heron is now featured weekly in several newspapers including the Long Island New York publications of The South Hampton Press, North Fork Magazine; and Florida newspapers, The Observer, Charlotte Sun Herald, North Port News and Englewood News. Gerlock is also published in the Waterline Magazine distributed from Port Charlotte to Tampa. Dr. Jim Gerlock's first oil painting, “Elephants of the African Plane” hangs in the lobby at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

If you agree Henry Heron would be a welcome addition to your publication, please contact me and we can negotiate a price based upon your circulation. (Letters of Recommendation available upon request)

Best regards,

Vicky Fay, Publicist
Promoting the Success of Our Clients’ Business"

God Bless 'em!

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Kip W said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think I've seen better cartoons.