Sunday, February 25, 2007

A reader of this editorial asked me just why I had my knickers in such as twist about the comments made by our ex-governor. I realized that I had not articulated as clearly as I should have how offensive what he said struck me. Romney should have taken this moment to state his vision in some depth, but he has none. The shallowless of his remarks and the political banalities he voiced underline that he is a political Ken doll, an expensive empty suit and a haircut. The fact that he has raised over $6 million so far in his effort to secure the Republican nomination is telling. He apparently has support despite his mediocre at best record in Massachusetts. Too many people simply want the buzz word of their choice repeated in the proper context as opposed issues actually being discussed.

As I was walking through the streets of Manhattan during my visit to the Toy Fair, I noticed a headline on that day’s issue of “USA Today.” A front-page story was bringing up the issue of whether or not Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs – he’s a Mormon, remember? – was going to affect his chances for the
Republican nomination for president.

The Mittster announced his entry into the presidential race last Monday
in Dearborn, Michigan.

The “Today Show” then had Mitt on Tuesday morning to discuss his
flip-flops on abortion and gay rights. I had to leave before it was over, as
unlike Mitt, I have to work for my living.

So I don’t know if Matt Lauer asked him about his record in
Massachusetts. What did the new-to-politics one-term
out-of-the-state-more-than-he-was-in governor actually get done in the Bay

I do know that Romney did mention his term as governor – the political
peg on which he hangs his tiny hat – twice in his coming-out speech: “At
America's core are millions of individual families: families of children and
parents, aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, foster parents. There
is no work more important for our nation's future than the work done in the

“But the work done in the home isn't getting easier. Values and morals
that have long shaped the development of our children are under constant
attack. In too many cases, schools are failing. For some, healthcare is
inadequate.Family expenses and government taxes take a larger and larger
bite. America cannot continue to lead the family of nations if we fail the
families at home.

“How is the American family made stronger? With marriage before
children. With a mother and a father in the life of every child. With
healthcare that is affordable and portable. With schools that succeed.

“With taxes that are lower. And with leaders who strive to demonstrate
enduring values and morality.

“This was the agenda I pursued as Governor of Massachusetts. This is the
agenda I will pursue if elected President.”

Oh my God, pray for the nation.

I don’t care how Romney worships. We’ve got freedom of religion here –
still. I don’t think the leaders of the Mormon faith would control him any
more than the Vatican controlled John Kennedy.

The bigger issue is his record of accomplishment. What did he do here?
Did he act as the “salesmen of the Commonwealth,” as he promised, to
bring new jobs to Massachusetts? No.

Did he ever learn how to effectively work with the Legislature? No.
Did he have his eye on the Big Dig? Did it take a death for him to
notice if there were problems? You know that answer.

Did his healthcare “solution” really solve any problem? It remains to be

But Mitt is saying all of the right things for the right wing to hold
them close to him. Here are his beliefs:

“It has been said that a person is defined by what he loves and by what
he believes and by what he dreams.

“I love America and I believe in the people of America.

“I believe in God and I believe that every person in this great country,
and every person on this grand planet, is a child of God. We are all sisters
and brothers.

“I believe the family is the foundation of America - and that we must
fight to protect and strengthen it.

“I believe in the sanctity of human life.

“I believe that people and their elected representatives should make our
laws, not unelected judges.

“I believe we are overtaxed and government is overfed. Washington is
spending too much money.

“I believe that homeland security begins with securing our borders.

“I believe the best days of this country are ahead of us, because I
believe in America!”

Again I ask: pray for the nation.

©2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Marky Mark said...

Hi Mikey!

I'm no Romney fan, so don't think I'm defending him. I just gotta ask why his empty words are any worse than Deval's? Are you still pro-Deval? Man, that guy just oooooozes platitudes.

When are you going to give him his first report card? Didn't you say something like that after he was elected, that you were hoping he'd live up to his rhetoric and were going to keep an eye on him? Something like that - right? Of course it's up to you when you want to report, I'm not rushing you. Just asking are we there yet? How about now? Are we there yet? Can we stop at Stuckey's? Are we there yet? How much farther? Now? Are we there yet? Can I have a Goo-Goo Cluster? Are we there yet?

SRBissette said...

Mitt is toxic -- and his Presidential bid has been tainted since his 2006 pharmaceutical-firm-financed flights to launch his campaign. Talk about goo-goo clusters...