Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Announcement time

I've shipped off the final disc of my book " Escape: How animation fled the kidvid ghetto and went mainstream in the 1990s" to my publisher Bearmanor Media and now I feel fairly confident in putting something on this blog about it.

Essentially it is a collection of articles I've written over the years that illustrate how the perception of animation has changed. Some appeared in Animato and Animation Planet, the two magazines I owned and edited, while others are new pieces. All of the older stories have been updated.

I would have liked to have included articles written by some of the magazines's talented constributors, but I could not afford buying the rights.

The book is scheduled to appear sometime this year.

I'm devoting my free writing time to the completion of the book on the Fleischer Studio titled "Made of Pen and Ink. I've posted a new chapter on that blog (see link in my link list).

Hope you check it out.

© 2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


SRBissette said...

Congrats, Mike, and can't wait to see your book! Jeez, I'd have given you permission to reprint in exchange for some ol' DVDs...

SRBissette said...

BTW, I just found out that VT's oldest surviving/practicing cartoonist is doing a TOM TYLER comic book!