Thursday, December 01, 2005

Okay...why another blog? Well, people might say that I have plenty of opportunity of expressing myself since I am the managing editor for four weekly newspapers and write stories and columns every week.

That's true. So why a blog. Part of it is ego, of course. Part of it is having an place on the web outside of my work for the 'paper.

There are also things I just want to write about which don't have a place in the 'papers.

Also, of course, the blog will be used to help preview my book on animation that will be published next year.

So here goes...

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SRBissette said...

Howdy, Mike!

Hey, check your functions, junction. Your use of a dash (--) is registering on your blog as a question mark (?).

Makes you sound, well, a little Canadian.

Best of luck with the new venue, and I'll be posting a link on my blog -- BlogBoy!