Thursday, December 01, 2005

Okay...why another blog? Well, people might say that I have plenty of opportunity of expressing myself since I am the managing editor for four weekly newspapers and write stories and columns every week.

That's true. So why a blog. Part of it is ego, of course. Part of it is having an place on the web outside of my work for the 'paper.

There are also things I just want to write about which don't have a place in the 'papers.

Also, of course, the blog will be used to help preview my book on animation that will be published next year.

So here goes...


SRBissette said...

Howdy, Mike!

Hey, check your functions, junction. Your use of a dash (--) is registering on your blog as a question mark (?).

Makes you sound, well, a little Canadian.

Best of luck with the new venue, and I'll be posting a link on my blog -- BlogBoy!

Fanny Lau said...

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