Monday, June 11, 2012

Mary and I just got back to a trip to Virginia to see my mom, my brother Patrick and one of his sons, Matthew and his wife Annette. Matthew and Patrick have partnered in a new business, Street Rockets of Virginia and I happy to report they are doing quite well.

They also have a Facebook page here.

Originally, Matt wanted to sell used cycles and accessories, but state regulations proved to be not worth the effort to surmount them. So, he is building a business based on the needs of bike owners not to just maintain their rides, but to upgrade them.

Also at the heart of the business is supplying riders with what they want to wear. The proper t-shirt, sunglasses and jacket are very important.

My nephew is a born salesman and is a diehard rider, so I think he will be successful in this venture. His father is backing him 100 percent. I need a get a cycle now!

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