Monday, January 24, 2011

Commentary: 1/21 from WGBY on Vimeo.

My media week.

I work at a newspaper all week and then did the following:

Here is my first and hopefully not last commentary for WGBY's new program "Connecting Point." I think for a old, fat grey rumpled guy I don't look too bad – I look like a newspaper editor minu a cigar clenched in my teeth – and I think I got used to the teleprompter enough to appear semi-relaxed.

Is my hair too short?I really look like my dad more and more.

The crew at the station made it very easy – good guys all of them.

I like TV enough as a medium, but I'm not good expressing a lot of emotions through my face. I can't smile on cue. After years on radio, though, I can emphasize the emotions I need through my voice.

I've never appeared on any TV show – I used to be a guest on WGBY's show "water cooler" back a few years ago – with an audience and have wondered if that would relax me a bit more.

Anyway, it was fun.

On Saturday, the fun continued with an appearance on my friend Mino Giliberti's radio show. Mino is the owner of Buon Appetito in Westfield, perhaps my most favorite restuarant on the planet.

Not that anybody asked, but here's the fat man's line-up of favorites: Buon Appetito; Peacock Chinese in Springfield; Theordore's in Springfield, Bub's Barbeque in Sunderland; City Jake's Cafe in Springfield; and Chef Wayne's in Springfield.

Anyway, it was a 2/3 WREB reunion as Jonathan Evans is Mino's co-host. Jonathna was the mid-day host on WREB and I was the p.m. drive-time host. Ron Chimelis was missing, but then Ron doesn't like to admit he was a radio talks show host!

My apperance marked the first time since 1987 that Jonathan and I have been on the same broadcast together.

So I intervierwed Mino a bit and he interviewed me more and the hour flew by quickly as good radio always does.

So print, radio and TV all in one week – a good week.

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