Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New car

With the considerable help from my brother and his wife, Mary and I purchased a new car: a 2009 Chevy HHR. While we've bought our share of cars in the past, for some reason – largely financial – I was quite worried about the process. I deeply appreciate the help my brother gave me as he absolutely loves buying cars – God bless him.

With our road trip to Rock and Shock coming up – yes soon the pimping of our booth will begin on this blog and on Facebook – Dogboy has declared the new ride "the party car." I'll have the get the DVD system and wet bar installed before then!

Mark also did the following graphic. There is only one mistake: It's silver grey! Lucky has not ridden in it as yet nor has he christened the tires, but I'm sure he will on both counts soon.


Bill Dusty said...

Mike! *You* got an SUV? What kind of a liberal are you? Sheesh. Must have great mileage! `:-0

Mike Dobbs said...

Actually the mileage is good, but it's not an SUV. It doesn't have all wheel drive.

Don't worry Bill I'll put some evil socialist bumper stickers on it!

Kim said...

This vehicle looks like it will have plenty of storage space for Mary's "papercrafting" purchases & projects. Thank you for supporting the habit ...
Looks great!

Terrence McCarthy said...

Nice looking wheels. Looks a little like the KIA Soul we recently purchased ( OK, we carjacked it. But we got away with it, and it's been several months. Possession is 9/10 of the law down here in Redneckistan - We're western Mass. natives who moved down here recently.

I believe you are, indeed, the Michael Dobbs I thought you were. Didn't you write for the old T-T?

That's where I got my first paycheck for scribbling.

Anonymous said...

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