Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Favorite tunes

My nephew Douglas! asked me the other days what my favorite songs are. I really didn't have an answer for him, except "Sing Sing Sing" came to immediate mind and he seemed a little disappointed that it didn't have any words!

The following are pieces of music that, no matter what mood I'm in, make feel better.

I interviewed Mel Taylor the drummer in The Ventures and saw them in person in the mid-1980. They were great!

Could this be the single best piece of swing music ever written?

The driving beat of this theme song of a Fifties private eye show make it a perfect song to drive to late at night.

I interviewed Don McLean and he was such a jerk that I didn't listen to his music for years afterwards. This is a great song, though.

Scott Joplin remains such a seminal force in American music.

Mary and I saw Juice Newton perform a few years back here in Springfield and she was in wonderful voice.

Elder statesman of the Blues Nation with a national anthem

What are some of your favorites?

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