Thursday, June 17, 2010

More fun with mug shots

From today's e-mail, a posting from Sgt. John Delaney of the Springfield Police Department:

"The Springfield Police Department Narcotics Division under the direction of Sgt. Neil Maloney and Sgt. Martin Ambrose conducted an investigation on Cocaine sales coming from the Forest Park address located at 16 Cloverdale Street. The investigating detectives determined that a Kevin Wilson age 38 of 16 Cloverdale Street was living in the dwelling with his girlfriend Damaris Ortiz age 33 and they were dealing large amounts of Cocaine by making 'deliveries' of the illegal narcotic all over the 'City of Homes.' The dwelling was held under surveillance and the officers observed Wilson on several occasions make deliveries in his Taurus and he would bring his two children, age 9 & 10 while he dealt Cocaine to waiting customers in different parking lots located in Springfield.

"Yesterday at 7:00 P.M. the surveillance officers observed Wilson leave his home with his two kids and proceed to drive to the parking lot of "Friendly's" on Sumner Avenue and make a Cocaine sale to a waiting customer. They observed the 'Father of the Year' (its almost Fathers Day) leave the car and make the sale while he left his two kids in the car. The detectives then followed him to Island Pond Road where he made another sale. After the sale they followed Wilson to Wilbraham Av. where they attempted to pull the vehicle over. When Wilson spotted the cops he attempted to swallow the remaining Cocaine. The officers tried to stop the cocaine from being swallowed and Wilson resisted the police in front of his kids. The police retrieved 4.5 grams of Crack Cocaine and he was arrested. The detectives then returned to 16 Cloverdale Street with a Search warrant where they arrested the girlfriend and found the following items ...
85 grams of Cocaine
$3,000.00 in cash
.9mm semi-automatic handgun fully loaded
packaging material
scales and drug paraphernalia
Arrested are......
1) Kevin Wilson age 38 of 16 Cloverdale Street
2) Damaris Ortiz age 33 of 16 Cloverdale Street ...charges....
a) Trafficking in Cocaine 28-100 grms
b) Violation of a Drug Free School Zone
c) Poss. of a Firearm
d) Poss. of Ammo
e) * Wilson is charged with Resisting Arrest
f) * Wanton/Reckless Behavior, risk of injury to child
The children were taken to the Police Station where workers from D.C.F. arrived at station and took custody of the kids.
Both defendants will be arraigned in Springfield District Court today."

wait for it

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dogboy443 said...

Sweet. Nothing better than seeing another pair of scumbags arrested and removed from our fair city. Sorry to hear about the kids, but they're better off in State care.