Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Boy am I freaked out! This guy works at the McDonald's on Allen Street and has served me many meals over the past few years. He always punched the register with a little too much enthusiasm. This is the first time I recognized someone from a mug shot sent to me!

SPRINGFIELD – At 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, the Springfield police were dispatched to an “armed robbery in progress” at the Citizens Bank located at 950 Main St.

Charles L. Watts, age 42 of 536 North Main St., East Longmeadow was arrested on charges of attempted unarmed robbery.

According to the report release by Police Sgt. John Delany, “A description was given by the caller that the bank robber was a large white male wearing a red coat. The caller stated that the male was still in the bank.

“Officer David Standen was very close by and first on the scene within seconds of the dispatch. Officer Standen was the ‘walking patrol officer’ assigned to that beat. Officer Standen walked into the bank in full uniform and observed right away a large white male wearing a red jacket in front of a teller talking with her.

“He also observed all the other tellers and the bank manager huddled in a far off corner away from the bank robber. The bank manager observed Officer Standen and pointed out the bank robber as the one robbing the bank. Officer Standen quickly placed the suspect into custody. The robber passed a note to the teller demanding all the money. No weapon was shown, only implied and no weapon was recovered.”

Watts will be held arraigned in Springfield District Court.

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