Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here is the poster Dogboy has designed for my part of our booth at Rock and Shock. I've been arranging for some surprise guests (no, not Bissette – he's got other plans) to brighten up our space.

I will be selling some choice horror, science fiction and odd DVDs – factory new and a steal at $7 – as well as some books that I no longer need. There will also be the last of the stash of Wile Coyote cookie jars, an unopened "Chicken Run" set of figures, back issues of my animation magazines Animato! and Animation Planet and other assorted items.

Mark will be selling prints and sketches and with permission of Richard Gordon, one of the prints will be a dandy "Fiend Without A Face" poster.

Marty is offering a collection of homegrown video horrors.

Rock and Shock guys two years ago

Look for the "Inkwell Productions" sign! Go here for more information.

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