Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bits and pieces

Okay I promised a video of the talk rumble presented at this year's New Media Seminar and here it it:

As a fan of talk radio I love these things, especially when it's apparent the progressive hosts are much better informed that the conservatives one who are clearly spewing talking points more than anything else. Other topics that day included healthcare and that was pretty good as well.

More house cleaning:

The final Bissette caricature by outstanding artist Cayetano Garza, Jr.

And now a shameless plug: A piece I wrote is in the new issue of Filmfax. It's an excerpt from my animation book and my last ditch effort to get some publicity for it.

As a freelancer, I would recommend pitching to Filmfax, if you think you have a story that meets their criteria. They were easy to work with and paid me quickly upon publication. Sweet.

Finally for the day, I'm now on Facebook as GMichael Dobbs. Unless there is some sort of new social media that will wash my dishes, tie my shoes and convince my boss I deserve a raise, I'm at my capacity!

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