Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amy Fisher?!

Remember the "Long Island Lolita?" The teen who served seven years in prison for shooting the wife of her lover? Well, instead of being an answer to a trivia question, Amy Fisher, now in her thirties, has re-invented herself as a porn star and featured attraction stripper.

And we in Western Mass. will be able to see her next month as she is appearing at a Springfield Club.

The question is why would you want to see her?

She's not bad looking, but strips clubs are filled with not bad looking women – in fact really good looking women. The issue is the one reason a person might want to see her is due to her notoriety – a fame brought about by trying to commit murder.

Now for me, that is both a non-starter and a buzz kill.

Her appearance brings up questions about the nature of fame – who do we consider "famous" and why?

Frankly I'm fairly old school about this matter. I'm interested in people who accomplished something – writing a book, appearing in a movie, traveling the world, creating food in a kitchen – than I am in people whose celebrity hangs by the thinnest of threads, especially when that thread is attempted murder.

I guess the New York State Son of Sam Law doesn't apply to the book she has written or her recent porn tape or her dancing activities. It's too bad as I really do believe that crimes such as this one shouldn't be rewarded.

I'm no prude, but count me out for this boy's night out.
© 2009 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


SRBissette said...

You could have Amy sign my vhs copies of the three different versions of the TV movies made about her story! C'mon, Mike, wouldja? They're all video masters in their original boxes!

Mike Dobbs said...

Only if you come down and join me at the Gras...

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