Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My pop culture weekend part three

I've been on the sets of three films – two features and a short – and each time I've watched the process of making films with great interest.

Most film guys my age dabbled in Super 8 production while a beardless youth. I helped make one group film and produced several shorts. The group film was the effort of a bunch of friends and our film teacher. While it was fun, I never felt comfortable acting or trying to make a film with actors.

Actors required a casting process and costumes and trying to schedule everyone the right way – sigh. It was a lot of work.

Instead I took up stop motion film using clay figures and I loved it. Granted you had to be careful with those lights – clay melts! – but I was very happy with the relative solitude of the animation process and the control.

My most ambitious animated film was a comment on the arms race with hands representing opposing sides using progressively bigger hamburgers to intimidate each other. At the climax, the hamburgers eat each other.

Anyway, the process of making movies has always intrigued me and I was happy when local producer and director Bob Stock invited me through my pal Marty Langford to hang out while he grabbed the few shots left to finish the live action part of his horror film Angel's Blade 2.

So I headed to Granby and watched Stock's very efficient crew shot star Corbin Bernsen in a number of short but necessary scenes.

Bernsen is a pro and through his suggestions showed he was still involved in the movie which he had worked on the previous year.

Bernsen waits for his cue.

I admired that Bernsen quickly got into character and didn't phone in a performance.

Stock and Bernsen

The crew sets up a shot using a rental truck.

Bernsen graciously took time for a photo with me. Thanks!

Stock now has to add all of his special effects and CGI work.

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