Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hey, we went to Cape Cod recently with our friends Steve and Marj Bissette and we had a great time.

Me, Marj and Steve on the beach...I'm talking to my mom on the cell, sharing the sound of the shore with her.

My wife Mary is seldom more happy than walking barefoot along a beach

Here's a scorecard: the hotel (the Americana) had a 'fridge that froze our milk, had drained the whirlpool bath on us, and had television remote controls that wouldn't control the televisions. However excessive amounts of chocolate from the Cape Cod Chocolatier just down Route 28 saved the day. We were too blissed out to notice how deficient the suite was... sort of!

We hit a couple of great bookstores...Tim's Books in Hyannis and Titcomb Books in Sandwich.

And we ate copious amounts of seafood. Thumbs up for Seafood Sam's for taste and value. Thumbs up for Hearth and Kettle for the same reasons. Thumbs up for the biggest damn Irish breakfast on the Cape at Keltic Kitchen (don't ask what's in the white pudding, I said don't ask!), but thumbs down for dinner at Salty's. Sorry Salty's, but Marj and Steve had lousy meals.

At Salty's I wanted to take a photo of Steve wearing his lobster bib. He looked so damn cute, Mr.Horror Movie did. However he refused to cooperate citing some sort of aversion to having pictures taken of him eating. Naturally, this was a challenge. Aided by my wife, I sneaked this shot at McGee's, an ice cream shop in Hyannis (thumbs up the way).

Mary and I had such a good time, we took Lucky the Wonder Bichon the next week so he could walk on the beach with us! We have a dog with expensive tastes...he likes fried oysters!

© 2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs


Mark Martin said...

Titcomb! Thumbs up the way!

Marty said...


I was at the Cape in August and dropped a bunch of cash at Tim's. There's also a great Newbury Comics in Hyannis you should hit next time. Also check out Spinnaker in downtown Hyannis. Great DVDs and music. Seafood Sam's is a staple for us, and Salty's is good for the kids (frisbees for plates!).

Did you see that Bear on Rte. 28 and think of me?

Mike Dobbs said...

Marty...had to drag Bissettte out of Spinnaker...had to drag myself out there. too...Are your thinking of the carved bear in front of the Zooquarium?

Marty said...

Yeah, the one with "Martin" printed across his chest.

SRBissette said...

Drag me out? My ass! I bought righteously (HORROR OF MALFORMED MEN! WHITE DOG!) and proudly marched out of that door a happy man!