Monday, May 07, 2007

I look forward to spring. I enjoy seeing the shoots of plants in the garden pop up. I enjoy the warmer temperatures. I like being awakened by the birds.

Of course, I don’t look forward to certain urban fauna. There’s the “play-my-car-stereo-so-loud-it-shakes-people’s fillings-guy.” About this time he emerges from hibernation.

Then there’s his close cousin, the “drag-my-stereo-out-to-the-back-yard-so- everyone-can-hear-my-trashy-music” guy. I think their other cousin is the “let-me-drop-the-f-word-and-the-m-f-word-bombs-as-I-walk-by-your-open-window” guy. Oh he’s a prince.

And then there are the folks who love wildlife more than me that they keep the lid to their trash can open all the time. Here’s a Ranger Mike tip: Raccoons live in the city and they love garbage cans…at 3 a.m. and again at 4 a.m.

A closed lid stops them from having a noisy meal.

It’s funny that none of these urban animals is in any of my wildlife guides. They do make city living more wild, though and not in a good sense.

© 2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs

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SRBissette said...

Ah, spring. The smell of nightcrawlers when it rains, the sound of the peepers at dusk. I love it.