Saturday, April 28, 2007

Remember when comic books used to be "funny books?" No, well that's because if you're not a middle-age geezer like me, you probably never heard anyone emphasize the concept that at one point comic books were allowed to be humorous.

The field wasn't just about superheroics as it is today. There were some great books such as Sheldon Mayer's "Sugar and Spice" to the Donald Donald comics by Carl Barks. Some people still hold the John Stanley "Little Lulu" books quite dearly. And of course "Mad" stands as perhaps the greatest humor comic of them all.

Well, there's another great comic comic and the third issue is now out, "Runaway Comic" by Mark Martin. Now some of you who read this blog might just know Mark as a conservative guy who likes to poke me with a sharp stick every now and then.

He's more than that, but just to be clear he is NOT the race car driver.

I view Mark as one of the most talented cartoonists working today, but also one of the most under-appreciated. There are few people who can match his combination of a multi-layered art style with his quirk observations and recyclings of pop culture.

Although Mark has announced this is going to be the last issue of "Runaway," you should head over to and order all three.

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