Saturday, January 06, 2007

I was watching Turner Classic Movies last night ands they had a promo about an evening of films programmed by a guest, in this case Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase?! Why not allow some of TCM's non-famous viewers come up with a slate of films? Although Chase's selections wwere nice standard must-sees ("Lawrence of Arabia," "The Gold Rush," and "Rashomon"), I think that there could be more interesting slections out of the TCM huge MGM, Warner Bros. Paramount and RKO holdings.

So what would be your programs?

Here's a couple of mine:

First, an evening of black and white Fleischer Popeye films. They have the broadcast rights for them and have done relatively little with them.

Second program, a journalist's night with "Five Star Final," "Picture Grabber," and "While the City Sleeps."

Third program: Pre-code favorites sich as "Wild Boys of the Road," "Baby Face," and "Heroes for Sale."

What would be your choices?

©2007 by Gordon Michael Dobbs

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