Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just what the world needs...a new blog!

I've started another blog to discuss the issues that confront me and other "small town" journalists in the ever-changing world of mass media.

It's interesting to work in a medium, such as weekly newspapers, which media analysts like to to compare to the walking dead. The death of newspapers is discussed frequently and yet in New England supposedly 91 % of adults say they read some sort of newspaper.

It's a big fat mixed message and I wanted to create a blog on which media professionals and concerned consumers could discuss the issues that affect them.

For instance, I would love to know how many people really believe the myth of the "liberal" press? What the hell does "liberal," "centralist," and "conservative" mean these days and how do those terms relate to what one reads in a newspaper?

If you're interested, the link to the new blog, That's Thirty, is here on my links list.

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