Sunday, March 19, 2006

This blog represents my opinions alone; not my employers nor my staff. IT NEVER HAS.


SRBissette said...

Hey, Mike, who's giving grief about this?

Anyhoot -- have a bonny time! Give a holler when you're home. We're back from Cinefest and had a safe trip home -- hope you and Mary have the same or better.

Marty said...

EAST LONGMEADOW, Ma -- Reminder Publications has come under fire for the views and opinions of Managing Editor G. Michael Dobbs.

From the "Letters" section of the daily "Republican", one Agnes P. Worrell wrote, "That G. Michael Dobbs thinks he's so great. I wish he'd shut his stupid face. My daughter-in-law showed me his stupid blog. I think it's stupid."

Dobbs, on vacation he claims, was unavailable for comment.

SRBissette said...

Welcome home, Mike! Give a call when you get in --

SRBissette said...

Hey, Mike, we await your opinions -- here's hoping your return to blogdom arrives sooner than later.